Clinic of Paradise

Fall 2019


3-4 Months

Project Type:


Size: ~90,000SF

Softwares Used:

Revit, Enscape, Photoshop

 “I want my home back,” says a Camp Fire survivor. Paradise, a town in Northern California perished in flames from the 2018 Camp Fire, the deadliest wildfire in the U.S. in over 100 years. While we responded with N95 face masks, this Clinic of Paradise is a response to climate change. In response, the pre-fab modular mental health clinic will be readily assembled to provide mental health resources, treatments and care to those affected by the fires. 

It would also be quick to assemble model as a response in need of healthcare services in areas affected by climate change and other disasters. Looking at the architecture in the town, the Clinic took consideration of the existing rectilinear and two-story buildings. A goal with the exterior of the clinic was to blend in the town without causing visual disrupt. The prominent grid structure reflects a positive attitude to rebuild the town. Cross Laminated Timber construction would be the method of construction as it offers quicker installation times, durability, light environmental footprint, thermal performance and is cost-effective.

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