mystère blooms

Spring 2020


2-3 Months

Project Type:

Fashion and Interior Design

Softwares Used:

Rhino, Photoshop

Conceptual collaboration with Amanda Rehm and Jackie Cameron. Florence developed by Daisy Ma. Satine developed by Amanda Rehm.

The Mystery Bloom family: Florence and Satine. The delicate, passionate, and organic forms were drawn from the research shown in the catalog. 

The name’s Latin origins mean “I blossom” or “ I flourish.” The outer form of the geometry is compared to the petals of a flower that are held in place by the twig-like interior structure. The design of the wearable sculpture stemmed from research-based design and blossomed into a familiar form from nature.

Florence’s sister, Satine is a face mask inspired to combat the novel coronavirus. Satine's spores are reminiscent of the red illustrated images of the coronavirus. The invisible nature of the virus inspired this wearable sculpture. Satine makes an obvious case to social distance from those who are carriers of the virus.

Florence Animation