Mother Board

Summer 2019


2 Weeks

Project Type:


Size: ~1000 SF

Softwares Used:

Revit, Photoshop

The Mother Board is a salad bar located in Sunnyvale, California in Silicon Valley, home to the world’s largest high-tech companies, and thousands of tech startups. Tech is altering the way people think, speak, act, behave, and even eat. The Mother Board acts as the running engine that runs the surrounding area by fueling the people. The ingredient to a healthy running system begins in the interior (of the body and device).

Its systematic behavior is imitated in the salad bar to enhance life experiences through health. In a typical motherboard, information enters through the input which directs the information to certain areas on the motherboard. The CPU fetches information from memory and executing the instructions. This system is implemented in The Mother Board.

Daisy Ma studied Interior Design and Psychology at San Jose State University while interning at local and global architecture firms in the Bay Area. She has won numerous awards and scholarships that span from architecture and interior design projects, student charettes and portfolio. 

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