Spring 2017


1 Month

Project Type:


Softwares Used:

Illustrator, Photoshop

Materials Used:

Plaster, foamular, wood, 

My home or Mahome is a House of Rituals is a solution to our basic needs: eat, sleep, bathe. 

I used the negative space cast from an angular form to create an interior space. This interior space designed for my basic needs has four main areas: sleep, relax, cleanse and eat. The first floor is allocated for relaxing and eating. Based on my daily schedule, when I come home from work or school, the first thing I want to do is relax or eat.

The second floor is a private space for sleeping and bathing. Bathing and sleeping are the last items to do on my list at the end of the day. The second floor is a loft-style bedroom which overlooks the stairs and entrance. As someone who loves to wake up to the natural light to regulate my circadian rhythm, I made sure the glass between the two positive spaces is functional. 

The space is surrounded by an exterior glass structured by wooden elements. To bring in even more light, a large glass window sits in the relaxing area.