Home Vacation

Home Vacation

Summer 2020


2 Weeks

Project Type:


Size: ~100 SF

Softwares Used:

Sketchup, Photoshop

My Room.jpg

Home Vacation is a design proposal for a bedroom in San Francisco. It is a room to translate the feelings of a vacation to a physical and tangible space. The layout, design, and material work together to mimic features reminiscent of "vacation."

The design challenge of this 12 x 12 San Francisco bedroom was to work with the client's goal: a hotel feel, free mind, and the look of a clutter-free home. The hotel feel was achieved through the symmetrical layout, accent wall, TV placement relative to the bed and the Egyptian sheets.  The free-mind was inspired by a blank canvas - a space with minimal decoration. The storage faces away from the main area to reduce visual busyness. 

My Room3.jpg
My Room2.jpg
My Room 4.jpg
Top Perspective.jpg
My Room 5.jpg