Harmony Health

February 2020


1 Month

In collaboration with:

Samantha Lee


Concept development, written essay, descriptions, finishes, interior design, diagrams, 

Project Type:

Healthcare Interiors

Size: ~8,000 SF

Softwares Used:

Revit, Enscape,


Harmony Health, a digestive health clinic located in Scottsdale, Arizona welcomes all people from different cultures, beliefs and backgrounds. Harmony’s purpose is to provide modern treatments with acknowledgement to the city’s historical origins. 


The concept behind Harmony Health is to meld the transition from traditional, current and future medicine, to look at medicine holistically and consider traditional and alternative methods. 


Humans have learned from the past and it is essential to embrace our roots as we further develop medicine and healthcare as whole to exemplify what has been done and explore what could be done. As Scottsdale is an advancing and growing city, harmony’s physical appearance is inspired by the past but designed to be flexible with the city’s forthcoming.

Daisy Ma studied Interior Design and Psychology at San Jose State University while interning at local and global architecture firms in the Bay Area. She has won numerous awards and scholarships that span from architecture and interior design projects, student charettes and portfolio. 

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