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Ceramics was a course I took as my last opportunity to learn another hands-on skill given all the resources provided to me in college. Due to the COVID-19 circumstances, half of the semester converted to an online course where I had to get a little bit more creative with my resources at home to complete projects and more.

sweet heart
espresso cup unglazed.jpg
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Project Sweetheart

The first project in Intro to Ceramics. The amazing part about this process was learning and applying a variety of techniques to create a complex form. 

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Espresso Cup

Due to COVID-19, there wasn't an opportunity to experiment with glazes. I dropped off my cup and the professor asked me what glaze I wanted. I told her to surprise me since I had no idea what my black slip would look like with different glazes. For example, it would've resulted in a totally different color if I used an orange slip instead of black.


I'll never forget these unpredictable times. 

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COVID Workspace

I had extra wood that I wanted to laser cut for other projects but due to the quarantine, I no longer had access to the studio or the woodshop. 

The lack of proper tools allowed for a handmade aesthetic.